Documentary Film ‘The Court’ (VIDEO)

The association “Za Drinking Fountains” is releasing the documentary film “The Court,” directed by Dušan Vojvodić and Milina Trišić, which follows the first criminal proceeding in the history of the Serbian judiciary for the offense of “Environmental Damage.” It is a continuation of the award-winning film “Drop,” which explored the reasons for the drying up of artesian wells in Zaječar. In contrast, the film “The Court” delves into the criminal proceedings and the effects of the first criminal conviction handed down to the owner of the “Srbija TIS” hotel, Toplica Mitrović.

The documentary film “The Court,” produced by the Association”Za Drinking Fountains”, had its television premiere on the Second Channel of RTS (Radio Television of Serbia) this year. In 2021, it premiered at film festivals in Belgrade, including the International Festival of Green Culture “Green Fest” and the Environmental and Tourism Film Festival “Silafest,” where it was awarded the title of the best Serbian environmental film, receiving the “Golden Pinacum” award.