Water Fountain Catalogue

On this page, you have the opportunity to explore the catalog of all fountains in Zaječar. Each fountain has its own picture, name, and a link leading to a detailed page dedicated to that fountain. Join us in discovering this unique water heritage and support us in our mission to preserve and promote healthy drinking water.

Here, you will find all the information about more than 40 active public artesian fountains that make Zaječar one of the richest cities in Europe and the world in terms of healthy drinking water.

Fountain at ‘Two Brothers’

Built in the early twenties of the last century, most likely near the old brewery or icehouse at the current location of the Forest Section. It was also known as "Jeremić's Fountain." According to the memories of old residents of Zaječar, it changed its location…

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Fountain in Čupićeva Street

The fountain in Čupićeva Street is located near the current railway crossing by the silos and "Žitopromet," in front of the former old tannery, the furniture factory "Jedinstvo," and later the premises of the trading company "Zaječar-promet." Svetolik Mišković, an industrialist, erected the fountain for…

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Fountain in Krfska Street

The fountain was erected by Dr. Dušan Petrović, a municipal doctor in Zaječar and the first school doctor at the Gymnasium, in the first half of the 20th century. The fountain was located at the site of today's hotel "Srbija-Tis." As stated by Dr. Miodrag…

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Fountain in the ‘Kraljevica’ Settlement

The current fountain was erected in 2018. It is located at the corner of Ljube Nešića and Obilićev Venac streets, near building C2 in the 'Kraljevica' settlement. According to Dr. Miodrag Velojić (Zaječar Public Fountains), the original fountain was erected for the needs of the…

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Fountain on Liberation Square

The memorial fountain on Liberation Square is the oldest fountain in Zaječar, built in 1895 in the center of the city at the Great Market. It was erected in honor of the Zaječar residents who died in wars against the Turks. The years engraved on…

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