Fountain on Liberation Square

The water is safe for drinking

The memorial fountain on Liberation Square is the oldest fountain in Zaječar, built in 1895 in the center of the city at the Great Market. It was erected in honor of the Zaječar residents who died in wars against the Turks. The years engraved on the fountain testify to this: 1833 – 1876 – 1878 – 1885.

According to Miodrag Velojić, in the publication “Zaječar Public Fountains,” the fountain was originally located between the “Evropa” tavern and the “Zadruga” hotel, and water was sourced from a spring on the eastern side of Kraljevica. However, shortly after installation, likely due to weak water flow, the fountain was moved a few tens of meters away and placed in front of the current Basic Court, connected to an artesian well. It remained there for several decades until it was removed in 1957, and the “Kupanje” fountain was installed in its place, becoming one of Zaječar’s symbols. Parts of it were moved behind the National Museum, where it stood for decades until it was saved from complete destruction and oblivion by Zaječar collector and barber Boban Valović in the early 2000s.

In 1994, a replica of the old memorial fountain was erected in the square to mark 50 years since the liberation of Zaječar from fascism. However, it was connected to the city water supply. In late 2019, it was relocated, and a new fountain of the same design, made of white marble, was installed nearby, once again connected to an artesian well. The fountain and well were renovated as part of the Reconstruction and Revitalization Project of Zaječar’s artesian fountains, implemented by the City of Zaječar, the association “Za Drinking Fountains” and the company “Heineken Serbia.”

Exact location of this water fountain: N 43° 54' 11.6'' , E 22° 16' 42.5''

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Water fountain location

The fountain is located in the very center of the city, on Liberation Square.

Water characteristics

  • Flow – 2023–0,071 l/s.
  • Temperature – 16.7 °C
  • Groundwater level – subartesian level at 0.5 m below ground level.

The water is of hydrocarbonate sodium type. Chemical analysis of the fountain water shows compliance with all parameters.


Well details

The data from the project or the completed report is not preserved, and according to the recollection of Stevan Šarčević, the owner of the company that built the fountain, the construction was most likely represented as follows: Steel inlet column Ø 323 cemented in the interval from 0–24 m, steel exploitation cemented column Ø 219 mm in the interval from 0–100 m, and plastic thick-walled (12 bar) well pipe Ø 159 mm from 100–274 m with filter intervals at 150–160 m and 240–250 m, while the sedimentation tank is in the interval from 250–274 m.