Fountain in the ‘Kraljevica’ Suburb

The water is safe for drinking

The current fountain was erected in 2018. It is located at the corner of Ljube Nešića and Obilićev Venac streets, near building C2 in the ‘Kraljevica’ suburb.

According to Dr. Miodrag Velojić (Zaječar Public Fountains), the original fountain was erected for the needs of the military, near the former infantry barracks, in the first half of the 20th century. It was located next to the current Red Cross, while the water source was at the foothill of ‘Kraljevica,’ above the railway. Later, it was relocated closer to the main streets, taking its current place in the 1980s.

According to data from the founder and director of the company ‘Georad Zaječar,’ Dragojub Šarčević, the well was drilled in the 1960s in the immediate vicinity of the current above-ground part of the fountain. The project documentation has not been preserved.

On the plate of the current fountain, it is stated that the depth of the artesian well is 241 meters, and the filter construction is at 233-240 meters.

In October 2015, the fountain underwent renovation, funded by the association ‘Za Drinking Fountains’ and the foundation ‘Iskorak’ during a humanitarian marathon. After this renovation, citizens repainted the fountain. In 2018, this fountain was removed, and a new one was installed in its place as part of the Project for the Reconstruction and Revitalization of Zaječar’s artesian fountains, implemented by the City of Zaječar, the association ‘Za Drinking Fountains’, and the company ‘Heineken Serbia.’

Exact location of this water fountain: N 43° 53' 55.7'' , E 22° 17' 01.2''

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Water fountain location

It is located at the corner of Ljube Nešića and Obilićev Venac streets, near building C2 in the ‘Kraljevica’ suburb.

Water characteristics

  • Flow2023–0,058 l/s
  • Temperature–16,5 °C
  • Groundwater level– measurements have not been conducted

The water is of hydrocarbonate sodium type. Over several decades of continuous bacteriological and chemical examinations of water quality conducted by the Institute of Public Health ‘Timok’ in Zaječar, no deviations from measured parameters were recorded.

Well details

There are no technical characteristics, documentation has not been preserved.