Fountain at ‘Two Brothers’

The water is safe for drinking

Built in the early twenties of the last century, most likely near the old brewery or icehouse at the current location of the Forest Section. It was also known as “Jeremić’s Fountain.” According to the memories of old residents of Zaječar, it changed its location three times. It was initially located near the Historical Archive and then on the pedestrian island. The current location of the fountain dates back to the sixties of the last century.

In early 2015, the fountain dried up due to the illegal exploitation of water by the private hotel “Srbija-Tis.” After the closure of the controversial hotel well, water at the ‘Two Brothers’ fountain started flowing again. In October of the same year, the fountain underwent restoration. The funds were provided by the association “Za Drinking Fountains” and the foundation “Iskorak,” through a humanitarian marathon.”

The fountain got its new look in January 2024 through the joint efforts of the City of Zaječar,  the company “Heineken” Serbia and the Association “Za Drinking Fountains”.


Exact location of this water fountain: N 43° 54' 06.84'' , E 22° 16' 13.71''

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Water fountain location

Intersection of Nikola Pašić Street and Narodne Republike Street.

Water characteristics

  • Flow2021.-0.02 l/s
  • Temperature – 15.5 °C
  • Groundwater level – self-flow

The water is of hydrocarbonate sodium type. Over several decades of continuous bacteriological and chemical examinations of water quality conducted by the Institute of Public Health “Timok” in Zaječar, no deviations from measured parameters have been observed, except for occasionally slightly elevated values for turbidity and iron (Fe).

Well details

The well is located in the nearby Forest Section park, beneath the park fence itself. There are no precise data about the depth of the borehole and the positions of the filters.