The second sampling of watercourses was carried out within the project “Environmental response in Timočka Krajina”

One of the main goals of the project “Environmental response to mining expansion in Timočka Krajina”, which is financed by the European Union and implemented by the Association “Za Drinking Fountains” with partner organizations, is to determine the current state of the environment and monitor the further expansion of mining on the quality of the environment. For that cause, at the beginning of December, the second of four cycles of measuring the quality of surface water, sediments and ichthyofauna was carried out from several watercourses in Timočka Krajina (The Little Pek, the Great Pek, the Pek River, the Brestovačka River, the Borska River, the Kriveljska River, the Black Timok, the Great Timok).

We remind you that after the first cycle of sampling and analysis of surface watercourses around Bor, Majdanpek, Negotin and Zaječar, the results show pollution. The biggest pollution, especially with heavy metals, is in the Borska River, which flows into the Danube via the Great Timok. The consequences of mining also affect the quality of the Pek River. Experts advise that the influence of the new Bor mine “Čukaru Peki” on the Brestovačka River should be monitored, due to the increasing production in this mine.

Boban Pogarčić from the Association “Za Drinking Fountains” expects the results of this second cycle of measurements to be known by the end of the year.

All measurement results will be published on the website https://ekoloskiodgovor.rs/.

Association “Za Drinking Fountains”

This text was produced within the project “Environmental response to mining expansion in Timočka Krajina” funded by the European Union, and implemented by the Association “Za Drinking Fountains”, the Association of Young Researchers Bor, Civic Library “Europe” Bor and Children’s Center Zaječar. The content of the text is entirely responsibility of these associations and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.