TV Show ‘Ecological Hour’ (LIVE)

The theme of tonight’s “Ecological Hour” show is the illegally constructed artesian well in Kotlujevac and its potential impact on the nearest artesian fountains. Additionally, there will be discussions about the decision of the Ministry of Mining and Energy, which has classified the water from the artesian fountains in Zaječar as technical water.

The guests on the show are Boban Pogarčić, the president of the Association”Za Drinking Fountains”, and Dušan Vojvodić, editor and journalist for “Za media.”

The show will be broadcasted on the “Za media” portal through a live stream on Sunday, December 25, starting at 6 PM. Simultaneously, it can be followed on the YouTube channels and Facebook pages of “Za Media” and “Za cesme.”

The “Ecological Hour” show is part of the “Environmental Response in Timočka Krajina” project, co-financed by the EU and implemented by the Association “Za Drinking Fountains” in collaboration with partner organizations from Bor and Zaječar.