Reconstruction of the artesian fountain and space arrangement near the former ‘Jedinstvo’ begins (VIDEO)

Through the joint efforts of the Association “Za Drinking Fountains”, the City of Zaječar, and the company “Heineken,” as part of the “Reservoir” project, Zaječar will soon have another renovated artesian fountain. After the fountain “Two Brothers” received a new look, work began on the renovation of the fountain near the former “Jedinstvo,” and then the fountain “Triton” in the city center will also change its above-ground part. All three are replicas of the fountains that could be seen in Zaječar in the past, with only the fountain near “Zelengora” still retaining its original appearance.

“Thanks to this partnership and the contract we have signed, in addition to the renovation of the above-ground parts, QR codes will be placed on the artesian fountains, leading to a website for each fountain. Every visitor will thus be able to learn in Serbian or English about the water quality, its chemical composition, the characteristics of the well itself, but also importantly, about the history and origin of each fountain,” reminds the president of the “For Fountains” Association, Boban Pogarčić.

Source: Zamedia