During Green Week, Films from the Series “Look Around You” Presented by the Association “Za Drinking Fountains”

As part of “Green Week,” which this year is dedicated to the preservation of water and water sources, the Delegation of the European Union in Serbia is organizing numerous events to raise ecological awareness.

On this occasion, in collaboration with the Association “Za Drinking Fountains” from Zaječar, one of the episodes from the series “Look Around You” was presented at the late antique site of Felix Romuliana near Zaječar. The series was produced with the support of the European Union, and a panel discussion titled “Experience Water Differently” was held in line with the Green Week slogan.

The panel was attended by high school students from Timočka Krajina, who were strongly impacted by the shown films.


By marking Green Week, the European Union supports national and local institutions in addressing and resolving environmental issues.

The documentary ecological series “Look Around You,” produced by the Association “Za Drinking Fountains” and executively produced by “Zamedia,” was realized through the project “Environmental Response to Mining Expansion in Timočka Krajina.” The episode shown at Felix Romuliana contains two stories.

The first story discusses the impact of mining on the pollution of the Timok River, focusing particularly on the toxins brought by one of its tributaries, the most polluted river in Europe – the Bor River.

The second story addresses the issue of the reclamation of an abandoned mining pit, which today is the site of Rgotsko Lake.

Environmental awareness and individual engagement are part of social responsibility, making education, especially of younger generations, essential.

Screenings of the short films “Look Around You” and panel discussions on the topic of water conservation and greater care for water resources in Serbia will be held in Novi Sad on June 10 and in Niš on June 13.

Source: Zamedia