Bor: Zijin Copper’s Environmental Pollution Trial Postponed Again, Public Denied Reason for Delay (VIDEO)

In the Basic Court in Bor, the trial against the company ‘Serbia Zijin Copper Bor’ for the criminal offense of Environmental Pollution was supposed to take place today. However, the judge in the proceedings, through the court administration, conveyed to the interested public and media that access to the courtroom is not allowed, and the trial is postponed. Attorneys from the Regulatory Institute for Renewable Energy and the Environment in Belgrade, on whose criminal reports the indictment was raised, state that they will react to this unprecedented illegality.

The Association ‘Za Drinking Fountains’ from Zaječar, along with partners from Bor, will continue to monitor this legal process as part of the ‘Environmental Response to Mining Expansion in Timočka Krajina’ project, funded by the EU.”

Source: Zamedia

This media content was produced within the project “Environmental response to mining expansion in Timočka Krajina” funded by the European Union, and implemented by the Association “Za Drinking Fountains”, the Association of Young Researchers Bor, Civic Library “Europe” Bor and Children’s Center Zaječar. The content of the text is entirely responsibility of these associations and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.